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Bicycle Express Service

We are OPEN for service intakes again at any time! Expect a 10 day turn around on full service tunes.

Smaller repairs and service tickets i.e. brake bleed, Dropper install, is a 1-2 day turn around.

Thank you!

Bike Service

Our technicians know how a finely tuned bike should ride thanks to years of racing experience. When you bring in your bike, one of our professional mechanics will go over it with you, make a plan for service, and answer any questions. We guarantee our work and test ride every bike before sending it home.

Wheels Off Tune $85*

Race Ready Tune $250*

  • Clean bike and drivetrain to spotless
  • Adjust front and rear derailleur
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Torque key bolts/Inflate tires to
         proper PSI
  • Dismount, true, and tension wheels
  • Adjust wheel bearings
  • Adjust bottom bracket (if applicable)
  • Adjust headset
  • Lube chain & all pivot points on bicycle
  • Includes installing any new parts
  • Test Ride
  • The Wheels Off Tune” plus:
  • Replace cables and housing
  • Overhaul bottom bracket, hubs and
          headset bearings
  • Includes new Cable and Housing + all
         install labor for extra parts.

Bike Repairs:

Flat fix – $10.00
Flat fix for bolt on wheel $15.00
True wheel –  $25.00
Replace spoke –  $30.00
Wheel building – from parts $50.00, with down-build $55.00
Cush Core/Tire insert install - $30
Glue tubular – $75.00

Remove/replace chain – $15
Adj. front or rear derailleurs – $20.00
Adj. front or rear brakes – $15.00
Tear down Drivetrain clean – $55.00
BB overhaul – $25.00
Install BB – $20.00

Fork install – $40.00
Headset install – $40.00
Fork and Headset install – $50.00
Front hub overhaul – $30.00
Rear hub overhaul – $30.00
Bleed one set of Brakes – $30.00

Cut off U lock/cable lock – $30.00/$5-15.00
$75.00 for an off site removal

Box bike – $50.00, shipping cost not included. Shipping is paid for through BikeFlights, customer to generate + pay for shipping label and email it to Bike Express.
Build bike – Used from box $85.00,
New from box $100.00, build from parts kit $250.00

This is not a comprehensive list. All other repairs are billed at a rate of $60 an hour.