About us

Bicycle Express:

Bicycle Express was established in 2006, by brothers Ezra and Noah Tautfest in Northfield, VT.   Our method is simple, focus on one thing and do it well. That for us is Bicycles. We believe that quality, friendly service, and knowledge is what matters to you! We Promise to fix bikes properly as though they were our own bikes. At Bicycle Express we enjoy riding with our customers no matter what your bike is because it’s about the joy of riding. Our price guarantee is established to help our community be on the best bikes possible. We carry brands that our shop believes in and also have our best price guarantee. Beyond being just a shop it’s about being a resource to the community.

Noah Tautfest - Shop Owner:

Hi, I am Noah Tautfest from Northfield, Vermont. Like any kid, I got into cycling by just riding my bike every day. My involvement in Bicycle started at a young age of 14. I started the shop with my brother because our passion for bikes outgrew the small garage we had. Looking back it’s hard to believe that we started with so little. My passion for bikes is still high and there is not a day goes by that I learn something new. I am always looking for ways of doing better work or providing the community with a better shop. Outside of work, I have been racing Endurance/XC mountain bikes since I was seventeen years old.   I enjoy many things besides bikes like Coffee, Seltzer, Friends, and of course, some downtime.  I have a motorcycle and on my off days, you will see me out trying to get the same adrenaline rush out of a motor. There are many other sports I enjoy including, Running, Football, BC Skiing, and XC Skiing.  Let's face it, anything that gets your heart pumping. I am focused on progressing in the sport and trying to reach a higher level of competition while influencing others in the sport. The shop has been a great outreach to the local community and finds others who love sport is even better well, that about wraps it. Will see you on the trail!