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Professional Bike Fit Services with Greg Jancaitis, DAT, ATC, CSCS

Greg Jancaitis is a SICI Level II certified bike fitter with decades of experience in both athletic training and bike racing. His bike fits emphasize injury prevention, alleviating discomfort, and optimizing body position for performance and comfort. Everyone can benefit from a professional bike fit regardless of experience level or age. Greg will walk you through all the steps, making adjustments to your position and gear as indicated. 

In addition to bike fitting, Greg is an Associate Professor and Director of Athletic Training at Norwich University. His work allows him to provide medical coverage at cycling events and conduct research into the injuries and risks associated with cycling. He has been training and racing bikes for years and is a member of Bicycle Express Racing. 

Bike fit appointments are scheduled for 6:30pm in the evening at Bicycle Express. Email Greg at [email protected] to schedule an appointment or consult. 






“Greg suggested changing my cleat position to bring my hip and knee into better alignment. I felt the improved muscle activation immediately! Starting from my big toe and driving all the way to my glutes, I have a continuous line of power throughout the entire pedal stroke now." 

"Greg is a joy to work with. He knows his craft and he takes the time to explain his work. I learned so much during my first fitting and with the changes he made, I now feel more like one with the bike. I highly recommend Greg for your bike fitting needs."

“My left side low back has been suspiciously quiet- as in I have not experienced a hint of the ongoing and low level issue that has bugged me for two summers not a hint since bike fitting.”


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