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Bicycle Express was established in 2006, by brothers Noah and Ezra Tautfest in Northfield, VT. Our method is simple, focus on one thing and do it well. For us, that thing is bicycles.

We believe that quality, friendly, and knowledgeable service is what our customers want most. We focus on finding the right bike for people, fixing bikes as if they were our own, and building strong, trusting relationships. Many of our customers have become our friends and we are excited to get out on a ride with anyone, no matter what kind of bike he or she rides. At the heart of this industry is to experience the joy of riding together.

When you work with our team, you’ll find that we only carry brands we believe in. We honor a price match guarantee on anything we sell. And we take pride in working with all customers, regardless of how new or experienced they are with the sport. To sum it up, we aim to do the job right and be the best possible resource we can for our community.

Our Team

Noah riding a bike on a gravel road

Noah Tautfest, Owner

Hi, I am Noah Tautfest from Northfield, Vermont. Like a lot of kids, I got into cycling by just riding my bike everyday. By the time I was 14, my brother and I were running a small shop out of our family’s garage. With encouragement from our mom, we rented a space in town and officially opened Bicycle Express in 2006. We ran the shop in Northfield for 10 years before moving it to Waterbury in 2017.  Looking back, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come and that we started with so little.

Outside of running the shop, I enjoy spending time with friends, racing my bike, drinking coffee and seltzer, being with friends, traveling, and riding my motorcycle. I started cross country MTB racing when I was 17 and now I also compete in endurance MTB and gravel events. I’m focused on progressing in the sport and trying to reach a higher level of competition while also influencing others to get involved or see their potential. The shop has been a great way to meet others who are as enthusiastic about cycling as I am. Sharing that with my community is what keeps me coming to work everyday.

Matt Green riding a mountain bike on a trail with trees on both sides

Matt Green

I grew up in Hatfield Massachusetts, and live in Waterbury, easy access to an all you can eat
buffet of awesome Mountain and Gravel riding!
Though I’m spoiled for having Perry Hill at my doorstep, I love days of lapping Thunder MTN in
Charlemont, all day epic rides connecting Waterbury, Stowe, Morisville trail networks; wacky go
and get lost gravel rides in Roxbury, Ripton, Lincoln, Waitsfield; and any type of bike racing that
I’m into at any given time. (xc, enduro, gravel, cyclocross).
All the fancy ride food is great and all, but the best ride food is BY FAR a mid bonk, snickers bar
with a coke (in a can, of course!)
Many of my life’s mentors come from the cycling community as it is a sport that brings people of
all ages and riding styles together. Pete Crisci is one of those people, he can have me gasping
for air on a super technical/long hell climb mid conversation, give me a post injury tour of his
backyard pump track/skills course, and a tidbit of life advice; all while being a truly inspiring
I am admittedly a stuck in the mud Shimano fan, and have been my whole riding career (save
for one year, but that was in the days of 9 speed), but I have been very impressed with Sram’s
current brakes (particularly the new Code RSC brakes).
I work in a bike shop because I love working on bikes, particularly those that get ridden to death!
Bring me your bike with the rear triangle wiggling in every direction at once from not having the
suspension bearings looked at in years, your blown up suspension, brakes screaming bloody
murder, and a drivetrain that looks like it got attacked by someone with a file and I’m psyched.
I like the process that I go through with every bike I work on, and hearing reports from
customers after their first ride on a freshly tuned bike!
I got into riding as a kid after a week of summer camp led by Bob Perry who ran a great shop
(Bicycles Unlimited) in Greenfiled MA. Bob was a mentor that got me into XC racing as a
teenager, sold me my first, third, fourth, and fifth bikes. Got me out of way too many day before
a race panic moments, and cultivated an amazing riding community of which I look forward to
connecting with any time I venture South.
One of my favorite bike races that I have ever done was the Stoopid 50 in State College PA, I
got to the event venue the day before to spectate (heckle in a Nacho Libre costume) and ride
with some friends, went to bed way too late, ate half a cold calzone for breakfast, prepared a
feed bag filled with fireworks and other frowned upon substances, raced in board shorts in the
Pennsylvania heat, won the Singlespeed category and was 6th overall on the day, and finished
off the day with another ride before making the long drive back home. That was a good one!
For someone getting into riding, I’d say spend time working on basic skills, and slow technical
riding techniques. Balance is where it all begins!

Elisa Otter riding a mountain bike over a tree root on a trail

Elisa Otter

My name is Elisa Otter and I grew up in Montpelier, Vermont. I got into mountain biking when I joined the team in college. My first ride was my first race. I jumped  onto the start line and after getting a flat mid way through the race, I ran the rest of the course. I crossed the finish line completely spent and was hooked. You could no longer find me off a bike. From there I went on to win the Amature National Championship and to compete on the professional national race circuit, eventually coming back to Vermont and racing for our very own Bicycle Express Race Team. Biking has changed my life. Working at the shop and in the community has given me a chance to support others in finding their strengths through this sport. Whether it's helping someone find the right bike or offering techniques tips through my lessons and clinics, I believe biking can enhance and empower everyone's life.

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