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Rides From Bike Express 

 Here you'll find links to our favorite gravel, MTB, and road rides from Bike Express.
Park at the shop, stock up on water and supplies, and discover one of many iconic routes in our area. 

Stowe Hollow Gravel Ride 

Some Gravel and paved roads. An iconic local gravel route! 25 miles, 2500 ft elevation 

Waitsfield Common Gravel Ride

Gravel ride from Bike Express to Waitsfield Common. A hilly route with great views of the Mad River Valley. 38 miles, 3500 ft elevation 

Roxbury Gap, Devils Washbowl 

A quiet and hilly 50+ mile gravel loop from Bike Express through Waitsfield and Northfield. 53 miles, 5400ft elevation

Honey Hollow

Warm up on River Rd followed by a massive climb and descent of Honey Hollow. A very quiet climb that turns into class-4 at the end. Make sure you keep climbing until there is no road left. 26 miles, 2000ft elevation  

Moretown Mtn Road Gravel Route

Featuring Moretown Mountain Road and a go-to route for shop events. 31 miles, 2700 ft elevation  

Crossett Hill to Cobb Hill Class-4 Descent

A short climby route from Bike Express with a class-4 descent back to the shop. 11 mi, 1500ft elevation

WATA Traditional Grind

A grand tour of Waterbury gravel, lots of climbing, and a spin around Stowe Hollow for palatial Vermonty views. 24 miles, 2500ft elevation

Barnes Hill to Waterworks

Some Gravel and Paved Roads. A quick ride from the shop through Waterbury Center, views of Mt. Mansfield and Worcester Mountains. 19 miles, 1600ft elevation

Cottonbrook Loop

This is an Advanced route that has MTB single track in it. Be prepared and dismount your bike if this is above your level.  39mi, 3700ft elevation 

Cottonbrook Plus, 80 Miler

This is an advanced Gravel Ride! Some sections are remote and have single track. A gravel bike with 40C tires is recommended. Bring proper food and hydration, there is little available on the route. Dismount your bike on sections that are above your skill. 80 miles, 7700ft elevation 

River Road 

A lightly rolling route along the Winooski River with mixed gravel and pavement. The least elevation ride you'll find around here. 22 miles, 850ft

Camel's Hump Rd

River Road is a lightly rolling gravel road along the Winooski River. Take a left up Camel's Hump Road for a great, long climb to the hiking trailhead. Avoid on weekends during hiking season. 18 miles, 1500 ft elevation 

Paved Route

This is a 20 mile, all paved route from Bike Express.

Champlain Islands Loop, Paved

A mostly paved, incredible tour of the Champlain Islands. Parking is at Sandbar State Park (check hours of operation to ensure they're open). Bakery at mile 17 is a must-stop (Donnasue Bakes and Cooks on Grand Isle). 72 miles, 2700 ft elevation 

Little River MTB

Little River figure-8 loop. Ride the flow trail twice but climb up two different ways. Requires park fee at gate.